This book forced me to upload my first vlog. (Show your work: Book review) 5 keynotes

This book is all about creativity.

If you want to be famous and want to learn how then this book is for you.

I read this book two years ago, and now again, I read it. I got goosebumps. After rereading this book, you know what?

I uploaded my first vlog. That’s the power this book holds.

Now let’s jump into my favorite five takeaways:

1st: Give credit.

Before, I always thought that if I give credit, then people gonna think this is not my original work.

But damn, Show your work book is just awesome. This book changed my mindset. According to the “Show Your Work” book, if you give credit, it means you have done your research.

From that moment, I started giving credit for every work. Even if I heard something from Instagram, I started mentioning that also, and I am so happy to do this.

Because I want people to know that I have done my research.

2nd: Read more.

Before I read a book and summarize it, without reading others’ work on that topic.

But what the “Show Your Work” book taught me was, that even if you think you know the topic, still read others’ work. What happens is that you will get to know others’ perspectives, and the most important thing, you will get to know the gap.

Maybe the things I am sharing, others have already shared.

For example, in the “Atomic Habits” book, everyone has shared the same lessons.

So, I thought let’s share something different. Although the lessons that everyone did share were important lessons from the “Atomic Habits” book, but I chose to share different lessons that nobody has shared.

3rd: Document your life.

The vlog I shared, I got inspired by this lesson only. I thought I had nothing to share, but this lesson taught me to just document my life.

There are people who may want to see your normal life, how you get ready, even if you think nothing to show.

This is the lesson for the people who think they have nothing to show.

Because the author also taught that do not show your lunch, show your work. This is the lesson for the people who are making any kind of product. So, in this case, the author suggests that show behind the scenes, how you are making your product.

4th: Copy others’ people’s work.

It’s not really important to know everything; you can share others’ work also as long as you are giving credit.

And here’s the trick how you have to share others’ work. Maybe you watched some videos and you liked some parts. You can share with your audience that you liked this part and why you liked it.

Because whenever we like something, there’s a story behind it we are relating to. Maybe some other people can relate too.

5th: Show something every day.

If you are new, definitely you have to share something every day, but if you are famous then also choose to share every day.

What happens is when you share every day, people will remember you easily and may start noticing you because you are popping in their feed every day.

Thank you!

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