6 Realisations that will change you forever.

Discover six eye-opening realizations that can change your life forever. From valuing each day to appreciating the help you receive, these insights offer practical wisdom for living a happier and more meaningful life.

Life is too short.

Did you know or remember what you have done in your past week, four days before, or even two days before? No, right? Because you didn’t do anything important. Make every day important; achieve something. Make a goal every week so that you can answer these questions.

Do whatever you want to do. Live life so that you can be thankful, not regretful. Just take an example from your life. No matter what your age is, if you are watching yourself back, are you thankful or regretful?

And if you are regretful, then why? For the people you have not lived your life fully, are they there for you now? Or are they really the problem, or are you? Start answering the questions.

And from now on, start living fully so that you can thank yourself with conviction and satisfaction.

Do not wait for the perfect timing.

Create your perfect timing. While watching reels, I came across one video that says starting your journey is the perfect thing, and starting your journey is the perfect timing. The moment you start your journey, you have created perfect timing for yourself.

Are you waiting for the perfect time to start your journey? This is the best way. And if you think everyone starts their journey when the timing is perfect, then do watch case studies. It really gonna help you, like how the Amazon store was before and how it is now.

Nobody is too busy.

It’s all about priorities. If you think that a person is too busy, it’s wrong. You can take an example from yourself. Are you really too busy to text someone or to help someone? Is it really that the person is not that important if you are not helping them or if you are not replying to them on time?

For example, if the person is not that important, I will not reply to them or not feel obligated to respond. If the person is important, even while cooking, I can chat with them.

But if the person is not important, even if I’m watching a web series or scrolling through social media, I’m not going to reply to them. I do it when I’m bored or have nothing else to do. Or maybe I’ll reply after a few days.

So, if you think that a person is busy, even regarding their career, it’s still all about priorities. Do you really think any person is working 24 hours? No, right? Even if you remove 7 hours of sleep, there are still 17 hours left. Nobody is working continuously.

Do not argue with your parents.

Now that I am studying abroad, living far away from my family, I realize the importance of them. Please do not argue with them, do not try to correct them. They are not perfect, but their care is the perfect and rarest thing you can have.

Do not question their caring nature while trying to prove them wrong or trying to prove yourself right. There are always things you can have but can’t live the life the same way.

For example, your parents, are still the same, but still, something is moving faster. Love your parents. Do not get trapped by the modern world.

Enjoy your work.

There’s always something you’re not going to like, and everything won’t go your way. You have to adjust to something. For example, I like recording videos but I do not want to spend my time on editing. I have to adjust to this.

Similarly, you can also start enjoying your work. Instead of complaining, start enjoying it because most of the time you have to spend with work only. And even if you think that there’s nothing to enjoy or there’s nothing about your work you like, then there’s the best method I learned from Steve Jobs.

Joining a dot. For example, if you don’t like your work, start focusing on the positive side. Like if you do this work, you will get a salary, and with that salary, you can eat the food you like or spend on your family.

For example, I do not like the country I am living in, but I am focusing on the fact that I got the chance to study at least.

That’s how you have to work. Do not always carry the heaviness of complaining.

Appreciate help.

You are living a sad life because you are not appreciating the life you have. Be honest about it. In your whole life, has always something bad happened to you? No, right? The amount of good things that have happened, do you ever feel thankful about it? Did you say thanks to them ever?

You always think it’s their duty to help you or to support you as your friend, partner, or parent. But no, it’s your responsibility to help yourself, to support yourself, to make yourself happy. But if someone is doing even 1% of it, then be grateful about it.

Do not take it for granted, even if it’s coming from your parents. Do appreciate it even if it’s too small. You know what, even if someone appreciates that I wore a good color of dress, it still makes me smile.

Thank you!

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