How you can change your daily life: Atomic Habits book review + 5 my favourite takeaways.

How you can change your daily life: Atomic Habits book review + 5 my favourite takeaways.

This is the book I read a long time ago, and this is the book that affected me so profoundly. I am still using the lessons I learned from the “Atomic Habits” book. If you are a book lover and still haven’t read “Atomic Habits,” I am telling you, you are missing out on a … Read more

The subtle art of not giving a fu*k to become more happier. Review and key takeaways.

The subtle art of not giving a fu*k. Review and key takeaways.

This is a well-known book, which you have probably heard of if you are familiar with self-help books. This is the first time I thought I was reading a thriller book instead of a self-help book because it’s full of suspense. I dare you gonna stick with it from the first chapter; that’s how excited I … Read more

Looking for a Confidence Boost? This book Has the Answers!

Hey! Alright, let’s dive into a gem of a read: “Why Men Love Bitches.” Now, I know what you’re thinking — it sounds like just another relationship book, right? But hold up, it’s way more than that. It’s a total game-changer. This book is all about tackling those pesky insecurities head-on and leveling up to become the … Read more

“As a woman, I wish I had found these two books earlier. For great relationship”

Hey there! Ready for a juicy read? Let’s talk about “Why Men Love Bitches.” Now, I know what you’re thinking — sounds like your typical relationship book, huh? But guess what? It’s way more than that. This book is like a superhero cape for tackling your insecurities and becoming the strongest version of yourself. And … Read more

Quick review: You are badass.

You are a badass

I started reading this book because it was mentioned in another book, and the way it was described intrigued me. I’ve always wanted to read it, but it kept getting pushed down my reading list. However, I finally decided to pick it up without overthinking it. The design of this book is really impressive. If … Read more

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