Becoming smart is easy, actually.

Hey! In this world, everyone wants to become smart, but doesn’t know how to, right?

Maybe you want to become smart because you want to be rich, or maybe you want to be smart to top your class, or perhaps you want to become smart so that people respect you or befriend you, whatever the reasons are.

I am here to show you the easiest steps to follow.

1st Habit: Reading books.

Like seriously, reading books is the fastest and easiest way to become smart, but I suggest you read non-fiction books.

Occasionally, you can read fiction, If you are a fiction book fan.

I started my reading journey a long time ago, and I read one book per week. Sometimes, if books are so interesting and if I have time, it will take me 2 to 3 days to complete them.

But do not get that high from the beginning; you might end up burned out. Start reading for 10 minutes a day.

Even if you like some books and want to read more, do not do it. Keep that excitement for the next day.

Let me give you my 3 favorite books to start your reading journey:

1st book: “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

I know you have heard of this book everywhere, and personally, when some books get popular and after reading, I don’t find that much value.

But this book, OMG, this book deserves to be even more famous. I want each and every person to read this book.

The way this book can change your mind completely and change your beliefs, OMG. Do you know how much time it takes to change your beliefs? Years of years right?

But I can guarantee you this book definitely changes your beliefs, on financial habits, on earning, on being rich, etc. So start your reading journey with this book.

2nd book: “The Four Hour Work Week”.

I still remember the feeling of happiness while I was reading this book. And this is the first book that forced me to share the lessons with my friends.

I literally shared the lessons with my friends. This book also, again, can and will change your beliefs on a luxury lifestyle.

I know everyone wants to live a luxury lifestyle, but they do not have a clear view. This book holds clear and simple steps that will make you believe that you can also live a luxurious lifestyle.

3rd: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.

If you are not serious about your life, after reading this book, you will become serious. You will start taking every step with awareness.

This is a short book you can read easily. Now you are thinking, how is it connected to smartness? Why not? After gaining knowledge from these superb books, you will get to know the clear view, awesome financial advice, and how to live your life.

Doesn’t this make you smart? And still, if you have doubts, then try reading, and after completing reading these books, then decide. If you really want to become smart and you are serious about it, you have to try it.

2nd Habit: Watch podcasts or watch TED talks.

Why am I telling you to watch podcasts? Because you can see by yourself how these people talk, and how they respond, and you can sense their struggle, and their happiness, and you can easily be motivated.

Listening and watching successful people with your own eyes can change you drastically. You can also watch company biographies, and case studies, personally, I like case studies.

Podcast I recommend:


My first million.

Andrew Huberman.

Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal

3rd habit: Documenting.

I have started this habit recently. And let me tell you, the amount of confidence this habit gives you can never be taken by anybody.

And this confidence you will make from within you. And by documenting, I mean to document your daily life—where you are going, what you are eating, what you are studying, anything you are doing in your daily life.

Start documenting it. This habit I heard from Gary Vee; he is a famous creator.

If you start documenting your life, you will start feeling happy and start noticing how grateful your life is.

The thing that is normal for you is not normal for others. Start living your life with excitement if you record your videos or even start writing them, documenting can go any way, writing or recording or shooting anything, just start documenting it.

The way you feel comfortable because, from the moment you start doing it, you will start living with positivity, and living your daily life with excitement is the biggest change you can have in your life, and this way you will start focusing on your life and on yourself.

And when you start focusing on your life and on yourself, then you are becoming smart.

And a plus point, later on, you will have memories of daily life. I personally suggest you record videos of daily life and start uploading them. You can watch videos on YouTube of other people and how they are doing it and what they are sharing.

This will give you ideas.

Thank you!

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