6 habits that will make you super attractive. No matter how you look.

I know, and you all know that deep down we all want to be more attractive, but we always limit ourselves into thinking that we are not good-looking enough. We tend to think that attractive means good-looking, but it’s wrong.

I always come across some people whom I like so much without talking to them, but the moment I talk, it just never works, no matter how good they look.

I just do not find them attractive, and I am sure you also have too many examples where you think this person is so attractive just because of good looks, but the moment you talk, you just never want to talk to them.

Now, you get the idea that attractiveness is not just limited by looks, it’s more than that.

So let me give you 6 habits that will gonna make you super attractive. I wish I had known these habits sooner.

Be a listener:

This is a habit that will make you super attractive have you ever seen that you’re talking and then someone cut that conversation and it just makes you super sad no matter how mature you are no matter how cool you are no matter what your age is but the moment when someone cuts your conversation it just hits you.

It is just unattractiveness, it just makes you feel sad at that moment so if you are the one who cuts the conversation it’s super unattractive if you want to be attractive just let people talk and listen to them.

I don’t know where I read the line but it’s said that if someone is talking to you to make them more comfortable and more important you can just ask one or 2 questions related to that conversation it will make them feel important and of course, it will make you feel attractive.

Friendship priority:

Don’t be an arrogance person or don’t be a person who just doesn’t care about their friends who just goes according to their mood, yes, it’s okay you have to do according to the mood you don’t have to be forced into friendship, but to maintain a friendship at least be emotionally present even if you have to do something which you are friends are asking and it’s not your mood to do then at least be present and apologize for that.

Be emotionally present okay, that’s how you will make your friendship important, in college the more attractive people are the ones who hang around with one circle continuously or with one friend continuously you will remember them for all of your life because that’s attractiveness this is not attractive to jump to one person to another person be a selective friend, and make selective friends, to be attractive so that people can wish to have a friendship like you.

It’s not like that now you have to start showing your friendship; just be emotionally present and make selective friends.

Sleep habits:

I know I know you are not expecting this into an attractive list but yes it is because having a sleep schedule is attractive in this chaotic world where nobody is following their schedule and if you follow your sleep schedule you are not following the crowd you are standing out from the crowd you know for me it’s a most attractive thing.

If I hear someone telling me that they sleep on time no matter what, so I, I just find them attractive.

You know in Indian cinema there is an actor named Akshay Kumar he is the most hardworking of course all actors are hardworking but the thing that makes him stand out is that he sleeps on time, no matter which party has to attend no matter where he has to go, he just didn’t miss his sleep schedule, that’s how I remember him just because of that sleep schedule and I like him just because of his sleep schedule.

02 years before I was living in a hostel and we are 6 people living in a Room, but there was one girl, no matter how loud we were talking, no matter how loud the speaker song we were listening to, she just slept on time and wakes up on time you can’t make her involve in a party so, even I remember her because of that sleep schedule now you understand how important having a sleep schedule is for your attractiveness.

Do not hold grudges:

I hate people when they hold grudges it’s not that holding grudges is negative, it’s so far more, holding grudges and still talking frankly and nicely like how, how cheap this habit is if you don’t like me do not talk to me just stay away with me if you are holding a grudge against me, then yes okay I did something wrong and you are holding a grudge, it’s okay I can’t change your feelings but why you are pretending to be a friend of mine if you are not.

So I just hate this kind of person if you are the one who is holding grudges against some people and still talking to them like nothing happened please change this if you don’t want to change your friend circle then remove your grudges if you can’t remove your grudges so please change your friends this is not healthy and a good thing to do and this is just unattractive.

Smile at strangers:

This is not a habit that you have to follow with all kinds of people because if you are a male and you just smile at a female it’s going to be an issue, So what I’m trying to say is that don’t be serious like do not make a serious face in public be kind if someone is talking to you if someone is seeing you say hi and do smile do not always make a serious face okay.


In all aspects of life, exercise is important and it’s just unfair, not to talk about exercise in the attractive list because exercise will definitely make you attractive

I don’t know what kind of attractive you are finding but for me attractive is being productive being happy being present and most importantly being confident if you are the one who exercises it will definitely make you more confident so do exercise. Whenever I find myself down I just move my body or do exercise, it’s just always worked.

I can’t even say 99% of the time it’s worked. No, 100% it worked. Because it always worked for me. I never regretted doing an exercise no matter how tired I was.

Thank you!

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