6 Everyday Simple habits that will make you happier, According to psychology.

We all think that we know how to live happily. Yet, we often end up in a frustrated life and feeling irritated. And happiness is the important thing that we all strive for, but we exactly do not know how to.

And thinking about how to be happy can make you more confused and stressed.

But now, relax, because physiology has the answers.

And I am here to give you the 6 everyday simple habits that will definitely make you happy:

Understanding yourself:

To be happy, it’s important to understand what makes you happy because for some people happiness is different, but for you, it might be a totally different thing. So, understanding and observing yourself, what makes you happy, is an important point to note.

For example, for some people, shopping is happiness, but for some people, it might irritate them, so take a few times to understand and observe yourself closely, and then start aligning yourself with that habit.

According to research, happiness is a personal thing; it always revolves around personal fulfillment and personal values which can only be identified by you.

Research claims that people who recognize their way of happiness tend to attract more happiness throughout their lives.

Practice discomfort:

It’s too hard to practice discomfort, but let me tell you discomfort is the important part that will make you happy because living in a comfort zone only makes you stressed and gives you anxiety so it might be hard in the beginning to step out from your comfort zone and start living discomfort life but in the end it will make you happy and you can live anxiety-free life.

So make discomfort part of your life and be comfortable to live in discomfort.

You have heard the myth that discomfort is full of pain, but you are not aware that that pain will give you happiness and this is the happiness that you are craving.

According to one study having too many temporary pleasures in your life is decreasing your happiness. So, if you really want to live a happy life and most importantly to live a happy daily, start living a discomfortable life because without discomfort you are decreasing your happiness.

Express gratitude:

I am sure that you have heard this habit all over the Internet and thought that this is normal, but let me tell you that this is so important and it is so powerful a habit which you shouldn’t ignore.

This is the habit that you have to practice daily not only when you are in the mood because expressing gratitude is all about daily life, it’s all about giving the time to appreciate what you have instead of complaining about what you are lacking.

According to psychology gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness gratitude helps you feel more positive emotions and it can make you help build strong relationships.

The best way to practice this habit is to have a little journal, when something good happens you can just write it down because in everyday life there are tons of small things that are happening around you but you just ignore it because it’s too small.

You can express gratitude in multiple ways maybe you have good memories where you can just imagine it or in the past, someone might have helped you and you didn’t feel to appreciate that help but now you can express that feeling.

And if you start practicing this habit daily your brain itself reprograms to focus on positive aspects of your life.

Give time to nature:

You all might think that you are going outside so you are giving time to nature, but this is not what actually means, giving time to nature is to observe God’s creatures, smelling and sensing nature, and it will only happen when you separately give the time it might be walking 15 minutes.

It’s not about exercising in nature because some people are exercising in the garden and think that they are giving time to nature, no, you’re not.

It’s not about exercising or doing any kind of work in nature, it’s just about sitting and sensing the nature around you without phones because nowadays we are spending too much time indoors and too much time on phones.

According to one study spending time in nature improves your mood and reduces your stress levels.

One study found that participants who listen to nature sounds like crickets chirping and waves crashing perform better on demanding cognitive tests than those who listen to urban sounds like traffic and the clutter of a busy café.

Have a good sleep:

You all sleep right? But did you ever notice that you are sleeping right or wrong?

Are you sleeping in the right way? Is this good sleep? No, right?

So from today start practicing Good sleep.

Good sleep just doesn’t include sleeping 7 to 8 hours. It’s all about timing, nights are for sleep, and if you are not doing it at this time you are going against nature.

So start sleeping early and sleep for at least 7 hours.

Whenever I have slept early, I experience a fresh morning and a good mood, it’s just automatic, you don’t have to do anything just sleep early and have a 7-hour sleep.

According to research if you practice good sleep habits you can have a quality of life but if you are having a bad quality sleep you are having a bad quality life.

Research shows that sleeping patterns are directly related to the quality of life it includes sleep duration, timing, and quality.

If you are sleeping too much or sleeping poorly it’s decreasing your quality of life, low-quality sleep is directly associated with a lower quality of life.

Poor sleep results in a poor lifestyle.

Embrace imperfection:

Nowadays it is so easy to get trapped in comparing ourselves to others and the people whom are we comparing are unrealistic because it’s all behind the scenes.

Using social media makes us believe that we are not perfect enough to live in this world.

But here’s the truth perfection doesn’t exist it is just delusion.

According to research perfectionism is a myth it will even give you health problems, make you sick, and cause mental health disorders.

Thank you!

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